League of Legends vs Dota 2 Esports?

You’ve probably already heard of Dota 2 and LoL. After all, both are considered to be some of the most played MOBA games of today. While both games have similarities, they still do have their own differences as well.

Dota is one of the oldest MOBAs of today. It’s even considered to be one of the most influential games in the industry as it paved the way for new MOBA games to develop like Dota 2 and LoL.

Thanks to its previous standing as a notable game that popularized this style of gaming, Dota 2 easily garnered the hearts of the people despite being new compared to LoL. Despite this, LoL has also has taken its place in the famous MOBA game charts of today even after Dota 2 was introduced.

In Fantasy Esports, both are at the same level when it comes to popularity as well. Because they have the same style of game mechanics, maps, laning, and even characters or heroes, people can easily alternate both games. One can switch from Dota 2 to LoL or vice versa without adjusting too much. Both only differ when it comes to the actual placement of buildings in the lanes, the names of the heroes, the XP, bonuses, and the like.

This is why both Esports are closely compared with each other. However, when it comes to esports betting, Dota 2 places higher than LoL, mostly because of its prize pool and the number of tournaments played compared to Lol. Here’s a detailed account of each game:

Dota 2

In the last 4 years, Dota 2 has the biggest prize pool in Fantasy Esports betting. Currently, it has a total of 158 tournaments played with a whopping $38,023,275 total of prize money since the beginning. Because of its connections and creators — Valve, The Dota 2 International, and its fans, the game is able to raise funds easily and quickly.  


Although challenged by the release of Dota 2, LoL’s popularity has been increasing particularly because it has a lot of viewers. For a time, LoL even managed to become the most played MOBA game in the world from 2016 to 2017. As of the moment, the total number of games played in tournaments is 139, which means it’s catching up with Dota 2 quite quickly, but its total prize pool is $12, 018, 015, considerably lower than Dota 2.

If you’re an avid fantasy Esports player, viewer, or even bettor, Dota 2 and LoL are the juggernauts in this industry. Both have the same style in its gameplay, thus alternating both is easy. Despite this, they also have their own differences which makes them unique. When it comes to popularity, both are also at par.

However, when you want to enter the world of betting, Dota 2 has a bigger prize pool. It also has a larger fanbase which is more hyped to purchase in-game items that help fund the tournaments right away. On the other hand, while LoL has a lower prize pool, its popularity significantly skyrocketed since it was released, making it a good sign that LoL will catch up with its prize pool soon. If you want bigger winnings and a larger fanbase to join in, Dota 2 is the way to go. However, if you want a milder version of the MOBA, LoL will work well for you.

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