How to Play Fantasy Esports Without Seeming Like a Beginner

So, you may have heard of fantasy esports and you thought you would give it a try. Esports refers to video games played professionally. Fantasy comes from fantasy sports, where participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams of real players of a professional sport to compete against each other. Here, you will need to have skills and strategic planning in order to raise your chances of winning. As with other esports, patience, practice, and sportsmanship are as important in fantasy contests. Before you go and get your feet wet, it pays to test the waters and heed a few pieces of advice from successful esports gamers. This way, you can start playing  without seeming like a rookie. Here’s how you can pave the way towards winning:

Know which site is the right fit for you

Online gamers, who have had success, said that their wins were partly due to the right choices. Players of fantasy esports recommend choosing a game that you are passionate about– DOTA, LOL, Overwatch, Fortnite, and the like. As a beginner, playing a niche game will help you focus on building up your knowledge and strategies.

If you are into fantasy esports, choose the site that suits you best. Each site offers different contests and experiences. To determine the right fit, you’ll have to try playing in different sites like and figure things out from there.  

Try public or private contests first

Playing in public or private fantasy contests are a great way to get the hang of the game. There are fantasy esports sites that have beginners’ sections that allow you to play participants that have done less than 50 games. This way, you can build experience and reduce the risks of getting eaten by a “shark”. You can also try creating a private league with your friends to get a feel of the site.

Never tilt

In fantasy esports, a tilt refers to a poor lineup selection or a bad bankroll decision-making. Typically, this happens when you are overcome by frustration. This is why private leagues are a good venue to help you work on your mindset as you play with your friends and can discuss the outcomes. Deferring to play with the big boys for starters will also help you train your decision-making skills because on fantasy esports, you’ll be making a lot of crucial ones.

Learn from mistakes or failures

Instead of getting hotheaded and playing a tilted contest after another, try learning from your failures. Ignore taunts and insults and other online gaming “toxicities”. Look at your opponents’ strategies and lineups and try to figure out why you lost. Keep records of the contests you have played, your wins and loses, bonuses, and even names of opponents. They will eventually come in handy. Even if you won, try studying your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses and learn from them.

Bottom line

In sum, playing fantasy esports without seeming like a beginner means that you shouldn’t. Do not play the big boys right off the bat. You have to build up experience and skills first by practicing in either private contests or public contests with low entry fees. Not only will it teach you the “trade”, but it will also help you prepare mentally, too.

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